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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Discussion Questions

 Her Fearful Symmetry
by Audrey Niffenegger

First off, before you click on this link know that although I tried not to reveal too much in the questions there are spoilers so don't read them until you have read the book. Secondly, if you would like to post these questions to your own site please include a link to my site and give me credit. Thank you and enjoy!

Discussion Questions

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Holden, Everett, Kim, and, Ian said...

I finished and am a bit disappointed. I am with you, not nearly as good as TTW. I enjoyed your discussion questions. I need someone to discuss with-hee hee. I was curious to know more of Elspeth's characteristics and actions that made her "not nice." I was wondering this throughout the book. While her choice at the end reveals her selfishness, most of her other actions and her living past revealed to us seemed ok to me. So, I was feeling like she was a good person and thne was completely shocked by her choice with Valentina and didn't buy it.