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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Heart of The Matter

In Emily Griffin's new novel she writes from the stand point of two very different women. One is a stay-at-home mom struggling with the everyday aspects of caring for a family, while keeping up with chores and having a little time of her own. She never quite feels like she can keep up with the other "perfect moms" around her, but does her best to balance it all. The other is a single mom who has put herself through law school and has a successful career while still making time for her son. When tragedy strikes the two women's lives interweave and they are faced with dealing with eachother's differences and their own shortcomings.
    Griffin once again has given us a well-written tale to follow. The plot, being more realistic than fantasy, may be a hard one for some to swallow and there were moments when I was ready to put the book down. However, the ending is appropriate and leaves you with a sense that all is how it should be. Just be warned, this is not a happy-go-lucky look at love and life and the perfect little family. It is a more closer-to-home look at how life can really be, with a happier ending than most realities!

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