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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Missed Connection

I feel like one of those people who post a message on Craigslist that says something like, "I saw you at the intersection of main street and 1st on Saturday. You were wearing a red dress and had your hair up. If this is you write back I wanted to meet you." I have always thought these were ridiculous on so many levels, but now I slightly understand. Slightly. "I saw you sitting in the passenger side of a black Honda Accord. You were wearing red and black checkers..." Oh did I mention this is a book. This is what I get for snooping in someone else's car window, but they were parked next to me and I wouldn't have looked except the book caught my attention. The problem is I felt guilty looking in someone else's car so I only had time to get the name of the book. Which I have forgotten and am now obsessed with finding out. It probably is a terrible book, but I still continue searching. So... if you happen to know of a book that has a red and black checkerboard design on it and I believe the authors last name begins with an F, I would be so grateful.

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