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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Postmistress

Sarah Blake writes a novel about the many casualties of war from a different perspective. Set during WWI we hear the story from a postmistress in the US who finds herself in a place where a letter not delivered might make all the difference. The novel also follows a female war correspondent from the states who has placed herself in Europe among the worst of the fighting. This novel hits on many crucial topics of this era. Should the US get involved in the fighting? What is happening to the Jewish people and are they really being treated badly? Sarah Blake does a good job weaving a story through many interesting characters and topics and while it is a unique perspective it seems to fall a little short. It is very bittersweet and has very little in the way of happy endings. In fact it could be labeled more of a tragedy than anything else, and perhaps that was what Blake was striving for when writing a novel about war.

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