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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The White Queen

The White Queen! Phillipa Gregory writes again and this time it is the first in a series of books about King Richard and the era before the Tudors. Always very well done, and once again she captures your attention and draws you into the story of the war for the throne between three brothers. It is a never ending battle in this novel as the residing King and Queen are never safe for long on their newly won throne. Brothers and then cousins guided by parents and mentors stop at nothing to become the ruler of England. Even if it means destroying a family, their own family, in the process! A must read!

Her next book in the series will be called The Red QueenThe Red Queen: A Novel (The Cousins' War) and is due out August 3rd. This one will pick up with Margaret, mother to King Henry VII, who will spend her life trying to get her son on the throne. Again it is a cousin's war, and set to be another must read!

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