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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Nanny Returns

McLaughlin and Kraus team up once again to bring us Nan and her many adventures. Ten years have passed and she is back in NY fixing up a house her and her hubby have bought. While trying to remodel/ live in their falling down "dream house" Nan runs into her old charge Grayer and is instantly thrown into his life, and many family issues.   Her residual guilt causes her to feel she owes him and to take them all on and be his rescuer. Along with these problems Nan has started her own business and takes on a tough client. Finally, her man is ready to be a dad, but Nan just isn't there and isn't sure she ever will be. With all of this the novel is fairly fast paced and easy reading. Nan is a likeable heroine and since we know and love her from the Nanny Diaries we are easily forgiving of any faults and ready to watch her take on the world.

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Monica said...

I didn't even know this book was out, shows just how out of the reading loop I'm in. I'll be sure and check this book out. :)